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  1. Dear Goddess, As I lay here dressed as You told me too in 10 denier tights, plug, and plain black stilettos, that I am a slave to your desires, forever.

  2. Hello, I’m trying to work out what photos are yours. Obviously the street and golf course photos are yours. I assume you didnt take the photos of the girls, although I could see you enjoying a career in erotic photography. Early on there was a beach photo with a fantastic cloud scene – I assumed it was touched up, but looked fantastic. And there are a lot of photos of a good looking Asian photographer

      • mmm… I think you like to tease in every aspect of your life… You are like a flame to a moth. Men are the moths. They are attracted to you but you burn them.

        Well, obviously those photos with a logo on arent yours (unless you are a professional photographer). Personally I think you should do erotic photography.

  3. Can i ask what happened to the maid who disciplined your husband? I assumed she ended up getting her own western man and dominated him completely?

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