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  1. Mei, I know you say on your blog that you have no intention of answering comments, but I think you will notice that those people who previously did comment gave up, and I will probably do the same. A blog is very boring if there is little communication.

  2. In your earlier posts, you occasionally wrote about someone who you clearly very fond of, and you valued her opinion. I am referring to your aunt. She clearly had a major influence on you. Just reading your posts, I was left with a sense of respect for her and wondered what she was like. Of course all sorts of thoughts went through my head.

    When you said she was a widow, I thought that if you wanted to give her a present, I would offer to be her slave for a short time. I assumed she was an older woman so it would be a respectful slave not a sex slave.

    Then I thought maybe she isnt that old – maybe she would like something deeper. Of course,I know nothing so I stopped thinking this way, but its obvious that she is a special lady.

    I truly admire the world that you, your friends, and family live. And I think the relationship you have with your aunt must be a rich relationship.

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