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    • Hi Josie

      I dont know if you live in malaysia, but if you want to meet Mei, i would hang out at the Tropicana Golf Resort. The only problem is, we dont know if she has early or late breakfasts, or if she is there once a day or once a month. So, you may be waiting a long time. Unfortunately, I only visit KL for short periods so this option isnt open to me (unless she went there everyday).
      Also, I still dont think she wants another slave. She has made it pretty clear she is happy with her husband. Of course, I would like to worship her too, but realistically, i would like to be part of a life-style group, even if just as friends.
      I suspect one reason she isnt interested in giving introductions is that all her friends probably have submissive partners.

  1. Both of you and your husband are lucky to be able to express and practice your fantasies freely and even more excelling in your understanding and developing your desires. All my best wishes for you

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