Asians are typically not Christian

Western people never take into account the fact that Asian women are usually not Christian. We are not eduacted in Christian values. This is why Asian people can own a dog but eat it if they run out of food. This is why Japanese still hunt whales and why Malaysians will literally eat anything.

Western men think of femdom in terms of hiring a lady to give them a certain femdom experience. Like ordering from a menu? This is all wrong.
In Japan, a man pays for an hour of a femdom lady’s time and she does to him what she wants to do to him.

e.g.: Watch the videos carefully and see that compassion, consideration and concern over the man’s wellbeing is not a factor.

Japanese ballbusting videos are widely available on-line and these show how much the women enjoy inflicting pain and the power it gives them. They are not horny for the man or turned on by the man. They probably have no sexual interest in the man. They are turned on by the power and the effect of their actions.




Asian women are the most feminine women in the world.