Clothed female, naked male

If you look on the web for images of genuine domestic femdom you will find that all serious practitioners remain fully dressed throughout.

a001 (22)

It is the man that takes off his clothing, not the woman. In fact, a great many femdom practices don’t require the woman to remove any clothing whatsoever whilst the man is entirely naked.

a001 (11)

This practice of remaining clothed stems from Asian modesty. No respectable Asian lady will remove her clothing in front of a man unless she absolutely wants to. If the purpose of femdom is her own pleasure, then very few women will allow a man to see her uncovered body.


By undressing, the man feels vulnerable and exposed. He is quite literally at the mercy of his clothed wife. This is an important psychological realization for the man to make.

The woman has no impediment to touching whatever part of the male body she sees fit whilst the man is not able to see – let alone touch – his wife’s uncovered body at all.



4 thoughts on “Clothed female, naked male

  1. Here in the states clothed female naked male is a thing as well. I always looked at it as “I am above you. You are naked because you are a little whore, and I am clothed because I am a goddess.”

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