Face-sitting is the main femdom practice in Asia. It is supremely successful in sublimating the male ego.


This is the most basic, simple femdom practice and should be done every day for a sustained period of at least 30-60 minutes.

There are many possible positions:

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Face-sitting is always performed in Asia with pantyhose on.


An associated practice is ass-kissing, and this is commonly confused with face-sitting. Ass-kissing involves the husband inserting his tongue up the anus.

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Clearly this is not face-sitting as it serves a different purpose.

Human furniture

Another practice to consider is ‘human furniture’. Human furniture is similar to face-sitting but again slightly different – turning your husband into a seat de-humanizes him but does not smother him.



Controlling your husband’s ability to breathe is a key element of face-sitting. It is quite possible to train your husband to be both a faceseat and human furniture at the same time.


Providing you are restricting his breath, you have fulfilled both criteria.


Ignoring your husband whilst sitting on his face is very satisfying. He must lie entirely still and never move at all.
Nipple torture can be used to test your husband’s ability to remain stationary beneath you and obey instructions.


Popular culture

Face-sitting is a well-known mainstream practice nowadays; no longer limited to femdom relationships. The main distinguishing feature between Asian and Western face-sitting is the mandatory wearing of pantyhose in Asia. Sitting without pantyhose is considered gauche and unsophisticated.

a001 (7)

Some women like to face-sit with panties on beneath their hose. This is not possible in Malaysia; we never wear panties unless with stockings, and usually not then. The humidity prevents the wearing of panties with pantyhose.

Tutorial: http://ayanagashima.wordpress.com/

Inspiring story: http://malaysianfaceseat.wordpress.com/


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