Female superiority

Men are not very clever at doing things. They are unfortunately led by their penis.


This body part may have certain uses but it doesn’t possess any intelligence.


Women are inately superior.

We are more attractive, more intelligent, dress better, communicate without machismo and can produce as many men as we want to.

qipao111 (8)

Men: how do you fix your IQ problem?

1. Recognition

Recognising the need to please and serve a woman – of your own free will – is the first step towards gaining our genuine respect. Without this realization we will simply patronize you. We will treat you as we would a grown child.

2. Learning

Learning how to please a woman is the second step. Our desires are certainly not the same as your desires.

To please a woman and measure up to our standards – not yours – will be a difficult adjustment for most men to make. Even learning to lie perfectly still is beyond the capacity of most adult males.



5 thoughts on “Female superiority

  1. I had a KL Chinese girlfriend once who loved the same things as I did. She liked to defeat me in wrestling and pin me down. She could pick me up and carry me too…and I was taller and heavier. This is not some fantasy; it’s a true part of my past. Later I married another Chinese from KL, but she was not interested in female domination. She felt she would not respect me if she proved herself physically superior, even though I know she was (big powerful legs). I’m divorced now, but not because of sex. But I wish more women could just let themselves be real women like you.

  2. My wife and I have recently taken to male orgasm denial. We could immediately see the benefits. We are both happier now that we understand our roles in life. My role is to do whatever it takes to please my wife and her role is to enjoy it. Thank you for helping to spread the word. My life finally has purpose!

      • Agree 100% with this entire post. Mandatory male chastity would go a long way to solving a lot of the problems in today’s world! Males need to submit to the superior females for the good of society! My voluntary permanent chastity has improved the quality of our marriage significantly.

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