The lead

A collar and lead is the only real piece of sexual equipment you need. It can be held in the hand or better still, looped around your ankle.

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The lead is a status symbol for the woman, and relegates the man to the status of a dog.

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Creative use of the lead can result in extremely satisfying ‘games’ between husband and wife. Coupled with wrist and ankle restraints, the husband can be rendered virtually immobile and exceptionally exposed.


The lead reinforces the essential premise of the woman always being above the man during sex. This inversion of the normal small women/tall men societal situation is a key factor in dominating the male psychology.


The collar and lead indicate ‘ownership’. It tells both husband and friends that this man belongs to you. Malaysian women take ownership extremely seriously and will not allow anyone familiarity with their property without their consent.

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Pride in one’s husband usually follows the initial breaking-in period. Wilful and disobedient at first, the husband has now controlled his innate stupidity and desire to take over. He is quiet and prepared to await instructions.

tumblr_luhs2yjTOf1r3r30ko1_400 The collar and lead cause the man to remain on his knees at all times during sex. He is never permitted to stand. Looking up the lead he can see his owner; a goddess above him.

tumblr_m9f19ktBvc1rzp8pgo1_1280Training with a collar and lead should begin as soon as possible in a domestic relationship. It sets the correct tone.


One thought on “The lead

  1. I’d love to have someone and she follows the list up to down everyday. I love to lick women’s stockings and being ordered anally.
    Please help me find the femdom communities in Malaysia. I’m just new in the country.


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